Thursday, 27 January 2011

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Monday, 27 September 2010

"Have been a very very very bad girl haven't I?!"

Excerpt of a recent email from my latest squeeze, and she really has been a very very very naughty girl...

Monday, 20 September 2010

The first time I shared a girlfriend.

My next girlfriend was very liberal, she looked a little like a sex pistols groupie.  We were both still teenagers and I told her about my fantasies fairly early on in the relationship, without any reserve, and asked her which of my friends she would most like to fuck if she were to go ahead with it.  There was one of my friends in particular that she found most attractive and admitted that on the night we had first met, she had considered going home with this friend before I got chatting with her.  We were at her fathers empty house one weekend and invited a couple of friends over for drinks, of course one of the friends was the one she said she would fuck and she had already said that she was interested in something happening between the three of us.  The night progressed with a lot of alcohol, as the three of us were bent over and looking in the drinks cabinet for more alcohol, I lifted up my girlfriends skirt so my friend could see her naked ass underneath, my girlfriend giggled...

Later in the night my girlfriend went off to bed, I went up with her, fucked her and came back down to sit with my friends.  While we had sex I asked her is she was interested in having sex with my friend and she said that she was.  When I went back down with my friends I was drunk enough to tell my friend that my girlfriend would like to have sex with him if he was interested.  At first he laughed it off, but then when he was convinced that I was serious he admitted that he had always been attracted to her and would definitely like to fuck her. 

Later in the evening, my girlfriend recovered from her late siesta and came back down sit with us, I don't recall what I said to her as I was very drunk and it was a long time ago but I let her know that my friend was interested in having some fun with her and suggested that she start by sucking his cock, she proceeded to suck him and then me, all in front of the other friend, who was encouraged to join in , but refused to while pretending to read a newspaper, making sly glances over the top of the paper.

At some point we all went up to the bedroom, the other friend went into a room on his own while the three of us went into the other bedroom,  I don't recall all of the events because we were all very drunk, but I remember initially leaving the room to go to the toilet on the pretext of giving them some time alone together.  When I came back in they had their clothes off and he was finger fucking her hard.  We all rolled around on the bed,  she sucked his cock, nobody came and my friend went alone into the spare room, but later in the evening I convinced her to go into his room and suck his cock, she said she would only do this if he said he wanted her too, so I went into his room and asked him, he said no that it was ok, I came back and told her that he replied in the positive, she left our bed and went in to suck his cock.  She told me later that he got rock hard immediately and pushed her head down onto his cock forcing her to suck him deeper, after a few minutes he said that they should join me in order that I not be left out. We resumed our threesome and at one point he bent her over and fucked her from behind for a few minutes, before I became so turned on that I took over and started fucking her instead.

The next morning I tried to get my friend back into our room so that my girlfriend could give him a morning blowjob, but he was too shy to do this and left the house early to go back home.   I felt excited by what happened but also had to deal with other mixed emotions and also the thought that my girlfriend and I had done something that we could not undo and that perhaps it was a mistake.  I also had other feelings of wanting to be closer to my girlfriend, the need to do something to cement our relationship even further.

Given time these thoughts retreated and I was only left with a feeling of excitement that one of my friends had fucked my girlfriend and the wish to repeat the experience, but to better the previous time, I didn't want to be as drunk and I wanted him to fuck her for more than just a few minutes.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

How I got started on this path

I had a girlfriend when I was a teenager that had been quite promiscuous prior to meeting me, giving oral sex to various men.  We dated for around five months and she would be very indiscreet, bragging about her past experiences...  How she had sucked a guys cock at a train station, others she had left parties with and given oral sex to outside, let them go down on her etc etc.  At first I was extremely jealous, angry, I hated the thought of my girlfriend being slutty and doing these things with other guys, especially given that she barely even knew most of them...

I had a porno at the time starring Jenna Jameson there was a scene of her giving a guy a blow job outside in a car park, she unzipped his jeans, without taking them off, and expertly sucked his cock.  Jenna Jameson was tanned and with bleached blonde hair like my girlfriend of the time,  seeing her suck cock from behind, watching her peroxide head bobbing up and down, it didn't take a huge leap of the imagination for me to imagine that this was my girlfriend.  I think my mind made the connection involuntarily, and guess what?  I was turned on imagining that imagining that I was watching my girlfriend sucking off the guy in the movie.  I don't recall being shocked in anyway by this discovery, but I revisited the scene many times, imagining that it was her instead of Jenna Jameson.

Now this girlfriend also had incredible oral skills, probably better than any other girl I have been with since.  She would wrap her hands around your ass and suck your cock so well you thought you were in heaven, she constantly varied her technique and would suck me for as long as I wanted, I'm sure at times she must have been sucking my cock for the best part of an hour.  As she would do this I started thinking of how she had done this to guys she had only just met, imagining what it would have looked like, thinking how slutty she was.  I started talking dirty to her more and more about these thoughts while she was sucking me; asking her why she was so good at it?  That it must be because of all the strangers cocked she had sucked before.  Asking if she liked sucking strangers cocks.  I started calling her a slut, at first she was shocked at this, but then when I asked her about it after she said it was ok because "it made her heart beat faster".

I would ask her to recount every one of her previous exploits to me while she gave me  hand-jobs, telling me about exactly what happened in detail, I no longer felt any jealousy about hearing her tales, just excitement.  She sucked one guys cock in a train station why her friends waited around the corner telling her to hurry up, she left a party with another guy and sucked him while he sat on a wall, she took another back to her place and sucked him while he slapped her ass and called her a bitch.

We broke up before these fantasies progressed any further, if we had stayed together a little longer I'm sure I would have asked her if she was interested in sleeping with other guys, never the less, a seed had been planted...